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Initially, my plan was to make an avatar of Sonic the Hedgehog (One of my favorite cartoon characters). However, I wanted to challenge myself. Although people told me that it would be difficult and time-consuming, I decided to make a virtual avatar of myself.


In order to make my avatar, I tried photoScanning myself. The whole process a lot of space though. After looking for a good open space on campus, I decided to photo scan at a small park right by Tisch Building.

(For taking the photos, I opted for an outdoor environment. This way I could take advantage of the natural lighting.)

To photoScan myself, I had to stand with my arms spread out for 30 minutes, while someone circled around with a camera. It was a challenge to stay completely still and keep my arms up the whole time.

A good friend of mine agreed to help as a photographer. Luckily, he had prior experience with photo scanning and offered helpful advice.

He advised that I put my arms up horizontally the whole time, spread my legs shoulder-width apart, focus on looking at one point, and keep my fingers closed. By following this advice, I was able to stabilize my pose and minimize movement. We ended up taking 110 photos in many different angles.

The actual 3D modeling process with software was a challenge.

Below is my first result from photo scanning (failure)

My first try was not successful. 20 minutes into taking the photos, I realized that I had not kept my feet apart and had to start over.

This was tiring, as I had to hold my arms up for an additional 25 minutes.There was a lot of room for improvement following the first trial:

-My eyes were not focused on a single point

-My arms kept wavering throughout the photoshoot

-One of my arms wasn’t even scanned

2nd trial

After learning from my mistakes in the 1st trial, I went to the Tisch building for a 2nd trial (9th Floor was an ideal location). I was a bit worried that the outcome quality wouldn’t be great since the lighting was dimmer than outdoors.

This time I avoided all the mistakes from the 1st trial, and I was pleased with the outcome.

With newfound confidence, I decided to scan myself in a meditating pose as well. This was much easier to accomplish, since the meditative pose is much more comfortable to hold.

Below is the final result. It is a great improvement from the 1st trial. However, like the 1st trial, my right arm wasn’t scanned as well as I would’ve liked.

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