Performative Avatars_Final

For my final project, my plan is to use the two avatars I took of myself (Standing, meditating), and to use them with the Unreal Engine.

I was trying to use Mixamo to make my avatar useable in Unreal. However, I kept on running into errors and my avatars would not upload. After much experimenting and research, I found out the problem was that my avatar was slightly tilted. Using Zbrush, I straightened out my avatars.

I’m still unsure how to add texture to my avatars. I definitely need to spend more time learning Zbrush.

The concept of my final project is to control avatars based on one’s emotive state in a VR environment. The setting will be at a peaceful lake, where the viewer is meditating. The user can control multiple avatars using his brainwaves. If one’s mind is stressed, then the avatar will similarly appear stressed. If the user’s mind is happy, then the avatars will dance around. The project will involve a brainwave scanning helmet to read the user’s brainwave state.

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