[Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities] Midterm Part_2

My initial midterm idea was much more difficult than I anticipated. So I decided to create a different project using the AR kit.
I am very interested in Meditation, and believe that humans can communicate with aliens through meditation.
Last Friday evening I was doing work at Bobst; there was almost no one else there. During this time, I thought about the possibility of talking with aliens. Using the AR Kit, I created a short story where my meditation generates UFO’s around me. After conjuring the UFO’s, they take me to Mars and then back to Earth.

The next stage for this project is to modify this such that I can control the UFO’s using my brainwaves.

[Magic Windows and Mixed-Up Realities] Midterm – Part 1




I’ve always been fascinated by psychics, and often wondered what they experience when they communicate with the spiritual realm. Through AR, I hope to create an analogue of what psychics experience.

When I was in Korea, I had the opportunity to conduct research and collect data on hundreds of spiritualist. Based on my findings, I concluded that the 6th sense is expressed indirectly through our five senses.

My midterm idea is to show what a psychic experience through AR.


Since last semester, I’ve been developing a headset that combines VR with brainwave-scanning technologies: WAVR. I will transition to an AR-based.


I have been conducting trials through HoloLens/ Meta2. The ER has the HoloLens, so I’ve been able to work with the HoloLens often. I hope to use META2 moving forward, as it more accurately follows the user’s inputs.

Also, I found through my research that psychics are able to turn their sixth sense on and off at will. When they focus their efforts/energy, they can commune with the spiritual dimension. The main idea behind my project is similar: the headset will scan brainwaves, and activate a certain function when the wave signal reaches a certain threshold.

For my midterm, I plan on transmitting visuals from the brainwave sensor to the HoloLens by using OSC. That way, the class will be able to follow along and see what a psychic experiences. Although this is a very complicated task, I plan on presenting this for my final project.

Hardware : HoloWave (Brainwave sensor + HoloLens)

Software : UNITY

Technical difficulty

I was able to successfully transfer brainwave signals to Unity through OSC. However, I’ve been experiencing difficulties transmitting this data to the holoLens, and the program often crashes. Despite spending over 5 hours looking on google to fix this issue, I haven’t resolved the issue.

The results from researching 5 hours:

Since this project turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated, I decided to finish this project as my final project and do something more straightforward for the midterm.

Details for the midterm can be found on the next page.