Final – Idea

Final IDEA:



I’ve always been fascinated by psychics, and often wondered what they experience when they communicate with the spiritual realm. Through AR, I hope to create an analogue of what psychics experience.

When I was in Korea, I had the opportunity to conduct research and collect data on hundreds of spiritualist. Based on my findings, I concluded that the 6th sense is expressed indirectly through our five senses.

My Final idea is to show what a psychic experience through AR.


Since last semester, I’ve been developing a headset that combines VR with brainwave-scanning technologies: WAVR. I will transition to an AR-based.


I have been conducting trials through HoloLens/ Meta2. The ER has the HoloLens, so I’ve been able to work with the HoloLens often. I hope to use META2 moving forward, as it more accurately follows the user’s inputs.

Also, I found through my research that psychics are able to turn their sixth sense on and off at will. When they focus their efforts/energy, they can commune with the spiritual dimension. The main idea behind my project is similar: the headset will scan brainwaves, and activate a certain function when the wave signal reaches a certain threshold.

For my midterm, I plan on transmitting visuals from the brainwave sensor to the HoloLens by using OSC. That way, the class will be able to follow along and see what a psychic experiences. Although this is a very complicated task, I plan on presenting this for my final project.

Hardware : HoloWave (Brainwave sensor + HoloLens)

Software : UNITY

Technical difficulty

I was able to successfully transfer brainwave signals to Unity through OSC. However, I’ve been experiencing difficulties transmitting this data to the holoLens, and the program often crashes. Despite spending over 5 hours looking on google to fix this issue, I haven’t resolved the issue.


Performative Avatars_Figure photoScan_#1

Figure photoScan

My initial plan was to PhotoScan the Dalai Lama and create a virtual avatar. I even found a Dalai Lama Face puzzle to use for scanning. However,  I found that it allows only scan small objects. So I decided to use Sonic the Hedgehog instead, as he is my favorite character and there is a plethora of sonic figurines on K-mart.


As Matt recommended, I glued a stick to the figurine in order to support the figurine better. I made sure I had LED lighting and a camera ready as well.

However, the whole process took much longer than I anticipated.